Karla Vargas

A transparent brand


The aim


Karla Vargas is a Social Enterprise.

A sustainable fashion brand that create long lasting products with innovative solutions for a better tomorrow. A product that is developed in sustainable factories and supplies that care for the environment  and the protection of workers rights. A social enterprise that supports girls education and maintains the cycle of sustainability. See here how…

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Pink Classic Pump





It all started when…

Karla Vargas started her company she was 20 years old as a College student. 

She started financing her business with the money she earned working while studying. 
In order to  start distributing their leather products (shoes and bags). She took social media tools as one of its main methods of communication. Contacting companies, vendors, boutiques, etc  in order to make the product known. 

Presenting the product at national fairs in Mexico, with her personal financial support and sometimes from the government. A strong presence in social media and knocking on doors from boutique to boutique, friends, events to open up more opportunities. 

Why a socially conscious brand? 

Six Months after starting her company, began to receive mails from young girls, seeking financial support to continue studying. Most of them to reach a higher education bachelors degree to be more precise.

The amount of mail received was excessive and was when we began to realize the need that exists within her society. 

What differentiates Karla Vargas products from the current excessive supply of leather products?

A product where more than 50% of the supplies come from sustainable factories and suppliers. Implementing Blockchain technology.

The general goals of these standards are to support producers from underdeveloped countries through trading, protection of workers rights, preservation of the environment, and promotion of sustainability with a goal of being a Sustainable Social Enterprise.