Karla Vargas is a company which started in the birthplace of leather and shoemaking in Mexico.  Karla and Rosy are two sisters who since Birth, were raised into the shoe and leather goods industry, which is the reason they share a great passion for style and global trends within these sectors.


Inspired mainly by the simplicity of the female silhouette and by modern lifestyle.    


We like creating unique accessories like handbags and shoes which are desired by all women due to them being a single external declaration of a woman.


An intelligent woman, with a passion for style with the ability of being economically independent.


A bag has a female survival kit for everyday life in the urban jungle, from a cell phone and keys, to portable hair irons and change of clothes.


The brand is based on the concept of equality and responsibility with Mexico.  We are inclined to bringing up the Mexican culture through weaving leather.


It´s fascinating what mexican hands can do when they combine colors and textures to transform an object into a great ancestral tradition, and form unity with it´s design.


A Karla Vargas bag isn’t only functional, elegant and shows status, but with a Karla Vargas bag, you form part of the Mexican essence, it’s culture and traditions, sharing a sensation of being part of our place of origin.


The brand has the name of one of the members because this project began when Karla graduated from college. She always knew she wanted to dedicate her life to two of the things she liked most; fashion (fashion stylist) and developing her products which reflect her own style. It started with exhibitions in the state of Guanajuato and city of Guadalajara. 


All this happened while Rosy was studying industrial design. When she was about to finish collage, Rosy became involved in this Project.  Now Rosy and Karla are the creative team behind Karla Vargas.


Our company was made by two sisters from Mexico with social responsibility.  We are devoted to taking our identity across our borders to other countries.  

Through our work, we want to bring light to Mexican talent and creativity which makes us be proud of the ¨Made in Mexico¨ logo.

We offer high quality innovative products to the national and International markets.